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South Africa is the acknowledged cradle of Boer Goats throughout the world

The hardy and productive South African Boer Goat, developed here at the tip of Africa through rigorous selective breeding practices over more than 70 years, is the yardstick against which all other meat-producing goats worldwide are measured. Today, the Boer Goat is found in almost every country across the world. It is here in South Africa where the very best genetics in the world are produced and where breed standards are determined.
This ground-breaking website concentrates all information about this hardy goat breed into one dynamic, content-rich and easily navigable location. All the knowledge, experience, management aids, training and more is available right here.
Commercial farmers in South Africa are the pioneers who originally developed — and continue to improve — this fertile and adaptable meat goat breed which has created such a revolution across the globe. The information on this site is gleaned from their substantial practical experience.  

Boer Goats South Africa is an industry body producing Knowledge Resources, providing Training and developing information products. We do not sell goats.

Why Boer Goats?


High Fertility

Few livestock breeds match the fertility rates of Boer Goats.  With good management input and the correct genetics, kidding percentages of 180% are easily achieved.


The Boer Goat has been bred specifically for extensive, arid conditions where it efficiently converts low quality vegetation into meat.

Maternal Instincts

Boer Goat does display outstanding mothering abilities. Combined with milk production in sufficient volume and high nutritional value, kids grow rapidly.
Ideal Boer Goat buck


The ability to adapt to and thrive under a wide range of farming conditions means that Boer Goats do well in widely varying climatic areas in many countries.

Rapid Growth

Good genetics, nutrition and animal health, combined with management input deliver an animal that grows rapidly with low input costs.

Minimal Inputs

Functionally efficient and genetically pure Boer Goats, adapted to the environment under which they are produced, require very low input costs, a major contributor to farm profitability.

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