Boer Goat training in Potchefstroom

A valuable Boer Goat Farming course

Economic realities dictate that only the most efficient and effective Boer Goat producers  will remain in business and prosper in the future.
To satisfy the ever increasing demands on producers, Johan Steyn, owner of the well-known Patriot Boer Goat Stud in South Africa, shares knowledge and insights garnered over almost 30 years in the Boer Goat industry in an intensive one-day Boer Goat Farming course. The management course is presented in layman’s language. Farmers looking to improve their profitability and sustainability will benefit greatly from the course.
Included in the course fee, students receive a training material pack (select either English or Afrikaans) containing:
  • A detailed training manual.
  • A professionally designed and printed certificate.
  • Lunch
  • Tea and coffee during the course of the day
The intensive one-day course covers all aspects of Boer Goat farming and husbandry.  It will equip students with the essential skills they need to improve the profitability and sustainability of their farming operation. It is aimed at new and existing farmers who have a working knowledge of livestock farming and who are looking to improve their knowledge levels.
Alle kursusmateriaal is ook in Afrikaans beskikbaar.  Kursusse kan ook uitsluitlik in Afrikaans aangebied word indien verlang en indien daar voldoende studente is.
Upon completion the student will be able to apply his newly gained knowledge to his own operation right away.
The following aspects are covered:
  • Physiology of the Boer Goat
  • The Economics of Livestock Farming
  • Sustainability
  • Goat health and Preventative medicine
  • Feeding & Nutrition
  • Planning the Production Cycle
  • Managing the Kidding Season

Course Dates

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  • * Boer Goat Training Course, Potchefstroom ---------------------------------- 26 January 2022
    (payment cutoff date: 20 January 2022)
  • * Boer Goat Training Course, Potchefstroom ---------------------------------- 20 April 2022
    (payment cutoff date: 12 April 2022)
  • * Boer Goat Training Course, Potchefstroom ---------------------------------- 20 July 2022
    (payment cutoff date: 14 July 2022)
  • * Boer Goat Training Course, Potchefstroom ---------------------------------- 26 October 2022
    (payment cutoff date: 20 October 2022)