It is essential that kids are weaned from their dams in order that the doe may regain lost condition during pregnancy and lactation and be ready to rebreed within a certain timeframe. In this manner maximum production can be obtained from the breeding doe, pressure on the grazing is reduced and an optimal number of does can be kept on a given size of farm.


The Boer Goat producer must be aware that weaning produces weaning shock in the kid and that production or daily weight gain will be reduced for a period of 7 to 10 days immediately following weaning. 
Preparing the kid for weaning through the gradual introduction of a suitable creep feed ration from the age of around 10 days can significantly reduce this weaning shock while also increasing the rate of weight gain in the young kid.
It will benefit the producer to consult with his animal feed supplier in this regard.
Should grazing conditions (drought, lack of grazing, late rains etc) demand it, kids can be weaned earlier than indicated below but a suitable creep feed ration should then be fed to compensate. 
Weaning Age
  • Male kids: 3-3 1/2 months of age
  • Female kids and wethers: 3 1/2 – 4 1/2 months.
Feeding creep feed from around 10 days of age increases growth rates of kids and reduces the nutritional demand on the ewe. Kids can also be weaned at an earlier age.

Patriot Boer Goat Stud

As with all my Boer Goats, these are functionally efficient animals produced under extensive farming conditions in the semi-arid Karoo region of South Africa, home of the Boer Goat. These are not impressive stall-fed animals that loose condition and are unable to perform once put out in the veld (bush). They cover their allotted 30 does with ease, whilst maintaining condition and ability to produce under extensive farming conditions.

Splinting a broken Boer Goat foreleg

How to splint a Boer Goat buck’s broken foreleg.
It is advisable to administer 1ml per 10kg of broad spectrum long acting antibiotic. This will reduce the risk of secondary infection. The bone will mend in around 6 – 8 weeks whereafter the animal should be kept reasonably calm to allow muscle strength and agility to return.