Links to various research documents related to Boer Goat farming

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Gratis: Comparison of textural properties of low-fat chevon, beef, pork, and mixed-meat sausages

Gratis: Ecological benefit of strip grazing with a solar mobile fence grazing system

Gratis: The effect of dietary protein degradability on production characteristics of lactating Saanen does

Gratis: Goat production in the smallholder section in the Boane district in Southern Mozambique

Gratis: Changes in milk composition as affected by subclinical mastitis in sheep and goats

Gratis: Level of feed intake on performance of two goat genotypes

Gratis: The influence of age and reproductive status on quality and quantity of cashmere produced by Boer Goats under South African conditions

Gratis: Foraging strategies of sheep and goats under semi-intensive management in Botswana

Gratis: Effect of sex, age, and pre-slaughter conditioning on pH, temperature, tenderness and colour of indigenous South African goats

Gratis: Preference of grazing goats for cool-season annual clovers

Gratis: Post-mortem metabolic status, pH and temperature of chevon from indigenous South African goats slaughtered under commercial conditions

Gratis: A comparison of plant form and browsing height selection of four small stock breeds