Successful training course held in Botswana

A successful Profitable Boer Goat Farming course was held at the Fairgrounds in Gaborone, Botswana on 17 August.  The National Development Bank (NDB) seconded six students to attend the course as part of equipping them with knowledge in their assistance to goat farmers in the bank’s goat programs.

A great deal of material like the economics of Boer Goat farming, animal health, genetics, production cycles and marketing was covered in the day-long course. Students also highlighted some of the challenges being faced in their sector.  Viability of small-scale farming operations accounted for much of the informal discussion sessions while supply chain ownership was another element posing significant challenges to the farmers.  As is being heard more frequently in other countries around the world, students decried the often inordinate profits generated by middlemen – frequently retailers – at the expense of both the farmer and the consumer. Solutions offered ranged from the establishment of own retail outlets to the forming of co-operative farming ventures.

Judging from feedback received after the course it would appear that concrete plans are to be made to further the aims of the group of students.

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