New Boer Goats SA website now online

The Boer Goats SA website has undergone a total redesign and upgrade and was taken online on 12 March. The new site has some significant improvements that will enrich the visitor experience. The improvements are aimed at making information access on the website easier and more intuitive, while also expanding the Boer Goat information available.

One of the major drivers behind the complete redesign of the site is to allow 2-way communication, especially when it comes to visitors obtaining advice and information related to Boer Goats in general and to management in particular. In this regard, the Forum should prove invaluable to visitors as information will be readily available with a few keystrokes. The old e-mail based system did not provide the turn-around times visitors want and the administrative load had become too great due to the significant growth in visitor numbers.

Ordering of products and services as well as registrations for training courses can now all be done on-line with a streamlined EFT payment process. A number of the products will also be available for on-line download.

Another exciting development that will be implemented later in the year is an on-line training course that can be downloaded in modules. This development has been driven by demand from countries outside of Southern Africa where the cost for students to attend live training courses is often high due to air travel expenses.

The changes include:

  • A News page will allow readers to comment on articles placed.
  • The Forum will greatly expand the information available and allow user interaction with much shorter turn around times.
  • Products and services will be more easily available via the E-commerce page that will also allow EFT payments.
    The products available will be expanded and certain products will be available for on-line downloads once payment has been received.
  • Adverts can be placed directly on the Classifieds page by users after registering.
  • Registration for Training Courses is now even easier with an on-line booking system.

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