Internet traffic on the Boer Goats SA website growing

Internet traffic to the Boer Goats SA website has continued to grow and has exceeded expectations each month this year to date. October saw around 400 000 actual visitors (this excludes web crawlers and other automated internet traffic) browse the site to obtain relevant and up-to-date information on the South African Boer Goat.

Participation in the forum has been disappointing, despite the fact that there is a wealth of practical advice and information being shared there.  Ways to grow this participation and make the use of the forum a richer experience are being investigated. Direct email enquiries and requests for information and advice continue to grow and is placing an ever larger load on current resources. The plan is to move this email load to the forum where many repetitive questions will be available for a wider audience.

Exciting plans for the future include on-line learning materials and courses, direct downloads of information resources from the site and wider availability of the information through other internet points such as Facebook. The Facebook pilot page can be viewed at

The growth in traffic is a positive sign for the industry and points to continued interest in the South African Boer Goat, yardstick against which all other meat goats are measured.

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