Boer Goat Management

By following a well structured management plan with Boer Goats, the producer is assured of a healthy, productive flock which will handsomely reward his inputs.

Output = Input

Boer Goats are a hardy and very fertile livestock type yet, as with all livestock, require care and management in order to obtain the very best from them.

By following the links in this section, the producer will be able to generate a workable and proven plan to obtain the best results. Obviously geographic location plays a role in production and healthcare and these unique situations need to be borne in mind.

Research documents

Various authors have published a wide range of research pertaining to Boer Goats. Below is a selection of what is available. This list of research documents in PDF format can easily be downloaded by clicking on the link.Researchers or academics are welcome to submit their papers for inclusion on this list.