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South Africa is the acknowledged cradle of Boer Goats throughout the world

The Boer Goat, as a South African land race, has been phenomenally successful as a registered small stock breed. Thanks to dedicated producers here in its home country who have rigorously applied selective breeding practices over almost a century, the Boer Goat is now found in almost every country across the world. It is here in South Africa where the very best genetics in the world are sourced and where breed standards are determined.

A flock of Boer Goat ewes

The Boer Goats – South Africa website concentrates all the information about this hardy goat breed into one professionally developed, up to date and easily navigable location. All the knowledge, experience, genetic resources and producer interaction is available right here.

On this site you will find all the information you need about the world-renowned Boer Goat: how to farm, breed, market, care for and improve the breed.  How to be successful in your Boer Goat venture. Everything from breed standards, management information, price information, industry news, farm infrastructure guidelines, nutrition and animal health requirements, management aids, classified adverts and much more is right here, a mouse click away.

This site – that receives around 285 000 hits each month – is a living, dynamic entity. If you cannot find what you are looking for, make your requirements known by emailing us. In this way,  the database of information can grow and become even more useful to more people.

The South African Boer Goat is widely recognised to be the yardstick against which meat producing goats across the world are measured.

Boer Goat breeders have embraced this concept.  This is clear from the lively forum and classified advert section as well as from the growth in student numbers for the training courses. Commercial farmers in South African are the pioneers who originally developed — and continue to develop — this hardy and adaptable meat goat breed which has created such a revolution across the globe. The information on this site is gleaned from their substantial practical experience.  This source of practical advice has now been expanded even further with this redesigned website and the addition of a Forum and the ability to place comments on the articles on the News page.

We are interested in your feedback and will consider each suggestion made for possible incorporation in the site.

Boer Goat ram

Boer Goat ewe